Employee Health & Wellbeing Services

Health and Wellbeing Solutions comprehensive health and wellness programs

Health and Wellbeing Solutions comprehensive health and wellness programs and services are primarily focused on supporting employers by developing and promoting sustainable cost-effective health and wellness initiates in the workplace.
Our programs are developed in partnership with employers and employee, which results in a far more effective real and measurable results such as a reduction in sickness and absence along with employee satisfaction.

shutterstock_95119573Wellness education is an essential component to promoting workplace health and productivity. Health and wellbeing solutions programs can be customised services to suit each employer and employee. Our principal aims that underpin our service are delivered around:

  • Promoting and encouraging sustainable healthier lifestyle behaviours
  • Increasing positive workforce productivity
  • Reducing the burden of sickenss and absence for employers

We guide you through the whole process of service design and planning, along with delivering health promotion strategies to employees through coaching and supporting them through classes or one to one sessions.

We then measure and provide a 360-degree report with detailed information on the current health statistics of your organisation and then develop a plan to managed the findings through differing bespoke packages.


What are workplace employee health checks?

“Health checks for employees are an effective way to capture valuable information and provide motivation for both employees and employers to take action to improve health and wellbeing”. The CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) recommends the provision of basic health checks in the workplace and states “through an investment in people, organisations can achieve excellence and maintain a leading edge.”

shutterstock_93424822Our Health checks capture key biometric measurements that indicate normal and high-risk levels of employee metabolic health. This provides a baseline for them or a ‘snapshot’ of where they are in health journey and where they could be.

We provide coaching and support and develop one-on-one relationships with employees. this relationship empowers and educates them regarding their own health risks, lifestyle choices.

Health and wellbeing solutions provide lifestyle management and Intervention. Our unique a collaborative approach to individuals utilises a number of professionals who provide health education to support employees in making successful and lasting behavioural changes.

shutterstock_153627488Our employee health checks are designed for men and women aged between 18-65 and are delivered onsite with the minimum of disruption. We also source alternative venues if needed. We offer a number of health checks from our ‘Core Health Check’ to our ‘Enhanced Health Check’ along with menu or bespoke checks which can include a number of tests such as heart tracing (ECG), cardiology review and additional blood tests such as cancer markers, testosterone and vitamin d.

shutterstock_141938722The components of our Core Health Check is the measurement of blood pressure, height, weight, body fat composition, waist circumference and blood glucose (sugar) and in-depth cholesterol testing. We utilise the latest software to provide a score along with the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease over the next 10 years. Our checks also provide a snapshot of an individual’s current health status. After the check an in-depth discussion regarding lifestyle changes takes place.

These are shutterstock_80871541excellent packages and can provide you with an anonymised report of your employee’s current health status.
We can then work in partnership with you to develop health and wellbeing strategies to improve your organisation’s health.